Motivation Monday: Lisa Congden

This woman and her art constantly motivate me to be my best. This video has motivated me today.

Illustration Friday: Sweet

I drew some friends for this week’s Illustration Friday topic, ‘Sweet’.


Screen Printing Workshop.


My amazing parents gave me a screen printing class at the West London Arts Factory for my birthday this year. The process of printing is something I’ve always been fascinated by and I got to have a go for myself. The whole process was really interesting and hands-on; I didn’t realise how much I missed those big paint-covered sinks, drying racks and paint pots that I spent so much time using at school and it was so good to be doing all that stuff again.

I decided to use an old drawing of a boat as the base for my screen print. 


After a lot of preparation and figuring out of the process, the prints turned out like this:


In hindsight, I would have coloured in more of the original image, or drawn more detail into the design, so that a greater area of the final print was blue. I was still pretty pleased with the overall result though. I decided to add water colour to some of my prints and the final result is below:

I loved learning how to screen print and I can’t wait to have another go!

Limelight Magazine.

I feel really lucky to have had some drawings of mine put into a magazine, Limelight. I drew three children’s pages; I had fun drawing them and seeing my drawings transfer from the pages of a sketchbook to the pages of a professionally printed magazine was so exciting.


Limelight is Luton Culture‘s new magazine all about the arts and culture going on in the town – it’s really good!

Eye Glasses.

I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever, so here is a small drawing by way of an apology. I have been following Illustration Friday (a website that sets weekly illustration challenges) for absolutely ages but haven’t ever drawn anything for it until now. The topic for this week is ‘Eye Glasses’ and I decided I would draw a picture for this particular topic because I was so rubbish at drawing people wearing glasses. This week I learned how (kind of) and this is the result:


p.s. I haven’t forgotten about Elliot or my story; it’s still a work in progress.

This is Elliot.


This is Elliot. Elliot is the first character I have drawn for my first ever story and I am so excited about him! I am also so excited about the story. It will also feature a sunflower and a baby sister, but that’s all you’re getting for now.

I think probably most of what I post on here for the next few weeks will be Elliot-related. Think of me as a first time mother to a cute as hell baby, or something. Basically, please forgive me for blogging loads of pictures of the same little character in slightly different positions; I love him like a child.

That’s all.


“Don’t even think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

- Andy Warhol, artist and generally wise, wise human.

Motivation Monday: Just…begin.

Note to self: do not be afraid of empty pages any more; cover them with colour instead.


Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head.

I’ve always been struck by the powerful simplicity of an illustration that makes blank white space an integral part of the overall composition; blank space around a bright, colourful illustration can be just as (if not more) eye-catching than the intricacies of a full colour background. Seeing this technique put to use by Stella Dreis in Happiness is a Watermelon on your Head has really made me feel confident that white space has a place in children’s illustration, and also much happier about leaving white areas in my own drawings.

Reading this and lots of other children’s books over the last week (for research purposes…obviously) has finally given me the push I needed to start bringing one of my own stories to life; I hope that a lot of the things I post over the coming weeks will be bits and pieces that will progress into my first ever illustrated story. It’s feeling like quite a challenge right now – an exciting challenge though!Image


It’s All Love.

It's All Love.

Valentine’s Day has come slightly prematurely on my blog! I hope that you are enjoying loving whoever you love, on February 14th and every other day. If you’re not quite with anyone at the moment, well, join the club…it’s where all the cool kids are hanging out!


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